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audit účetnictvi

The AUDIT ÚČETNICTVÍ, s.r.o. has been established in 1993 and its main activities from the beginning were audits of closing of books and advisory services in the accounting-tax field. 

Company partner Ing. Vlastimil Pavéska is a associate from the beginning of the company's existence, graduated from a university with economic focus and auditor registered in the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic. The company's second partner is Ing. Ivana Pavhesková, a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague, who works as an assistant auditor in the company, and is currently completing exams and professional experience to obtain auditing authorization. 

In 2018, AUDIT ÚČETNICTVÍ, s.r.o. was divided by the split-up with the creation of one new company with the company name AUDIT IBC, s.r.o., to which part of the assets of the company AUDIT ÚČETNICTVÍ, s.r.o. were passed as defined in the Project of division of 28.6.2018, the decisive day 1.1.2018.

Clients of AUDIT ÚČETNICTVÍ, s.r.o. include approximately 20 companies with various lines of business – from manufacturing and civil engineering, through trading activities, to security brokerage companies. We provide services in Czech, English and German language.

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